“Graduated” yesterday.  We even listened to the graduation theme song on a cd player while we were awarded our TEFL certificates in the atruim.  It was pretty hilarious.  I am going to miss the feeling that I always had in that place, the bonding that we as students had, the commonality of struggling through mounds of work and our first times teaching.  We did all right, really.  I am not quite as intimidated by a room full of students as I was 5 weeks ago and I know how to ‘get it done’, so to speak.

Finally finished a rough draft of the dreaded cover letter and had classmates (aw, they are so good and useful, another reason I will miss them) edit it for me.  So… sometime today or tomorrow I will start really cranking out the applications.  I will be an applying machine.  Because…well… I DO want to be hired, someday.

Lets begin.