So this application process is turning out to be quite frustrating, and I have only been at it for about 24 hours.  Even with the frustrations, I have applied or made first contact with three different schools in Russia and Poland.  I know I said that I was going to apply to places in South Korea, but it is looking pretty bare in Seoul, and that’s where I was hoping to go.  I will probably apply to other cities there, but I want to talk to Kayleigh about it first, since she is my resident expert on all things South Korean.

I was so excited to have found, because there are so many postings for jobs on their website, but upon further review, many of these jobs I am not qualified for just because I am not a citizen of a country in the European Union.  This is pretty sucky because this means that all of those jobs are exclusively for British and Irish teachers.  The lucky dogs.

I found a couple more places that I would like to apply to, but their websites don’t have the option to be viewed in English.  Let me see…. you teach English, and you want native ENGLISH speakers (and simultaneously claim to not require your applicants to know the local language) but you don’t have a translation of your website?  Big mistake.  Also, big frustrations!  Ugh.

Either way, I have started the process.  Go me.