So, in the last week I have applied to many a school, many a country.

On Sunday, I applied to

  • Language Link, in Moscow, Russia
  • Globus International – Also in Russia
  • Speed English – Poland
  • Someone from Seoul saw my resume on, and contacted ME (Mr. Kim)

On Monday, I spent most of my day traveling, so I didn’t get many applications out

Tuesday, I applied to:

  • Express English Language School – Siberia, Russia
  • An Assistant Language Teacher for many areas in Japan
  • Public School Position – Seoul, South Korea

I got an email back from Globus International to let me know that someone would be contacting me on the 21st (TODAY) to set up an interview time. I got an email back from SPEED English Language School, asking me to fill out further applications, and saying that they are going to call me at 10am on Monday for an hour long interview.

Wednesday I got an email from the Japan job, and realized that it was for next March… and its a super intense application process and they don’t provide housing. So… that’s a no go.

Today, I filled out the info for SPEED and sent it back to them, and I replied to Mr. Kim from Seoul. I think I will continue to look for S. Korean jobs, but otherwise, I might be set. Three prospects in a week isn’t so bad, right? I just didn’t think about how much WORK there would be to get a job. Applications, questionnaires, emails, cover letters to edit… It’s a lot of computer work.