Did you know that Russia is NINE hours ahead of us here in the midwest?  Nine.  So that puts their workday somwhere between 11PM and 8AM here.  That is gross.  I recruited the Adults In My Life to help me find a land line on which Russia could call me.  My former boss, Laurie, came through for me by giving me free reign of the Chocolate shop again.  So, eventhough she really hopes that I don’t get a job overseas, so that she can keep me through the holidays, she is really helping me with the process.  Confusing!

Anyway, some of those AIML (adults in my life, come on, keep up) are now freaking out because of the ‘political unrest’ in Russia.  Pffft.  War, whatever.  I am kidding.  I will still do the interview, but I plan on asking them about the ‘unrest’ and how safe I would be.  Even if I turn down the job to save my own butt, having the interview would be a good learning experience for me, right?