I missed the interview on Monday because Language Link didn’t specify that they were going to call me at 11am in Moscow, so I assumed that they would be calling at 11am CST.  They emailed me and set up the interview for the next day.

This morning, at 1:45am, I left my house in the ghetto and drove to the chocolate shop to wait for the phone to ring.  I know this is a strange experience, standing around in a darkened chocolate store, waiting for someone in Russia to call.  Pacing behind the counter gripping the cordless phone, fearful that any mintue the cops were going to show up and mistakenly think that I was robbing the store.  The parking lot was eerily quiet, my car door slammed and echoed off the buildings like a bomb going off.  I was jumpy and tired and kind of pissed off that I agreed to do this.

The interview did NOT go well.  I couldn’t remember what the present perfect tense was ( like ‘I have walked’, I remember now, of course.) and I just couldn’t come up with real reasons why I wanted to go Russia, what would be the greatest challenge there, how I would stop teenagers from using their cell phones in class, basically nothing.  I cannot make stuff up, at all, much less quickly, at 2am.  Now I know.