There are more than 10 reasons, I’m sure, but these are the most likely.

10.  Normal dangers that occur anywhere – choking, drowning, accidental decapitation, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, etc.

9.  I will be hit by a car or taxi, both of which regularly run through red lights.

8.  I will freeze to death while waiting for an imaginary train/subway/bus/taxi/hydrofoil, despite my awesome coat.

7.  I will be abducted in an unmarked taxi and killed.

6.  I will be beaten to death by gang of Russian national pride youths.

5.  I could get totally lost, ending up in Siberia, where I would certainly be eaten by tigers.

4.  Russian war with anyone – killed in bombing.

3. I will forget to refrain from drinking the water in St. Petersburg, which could ‘lead to permanent stomach problems’ (you know, or death).

2.  I will forget one of the hundreds of steps involved in being in Russia legally – any of which could land me in prison.

1.  I will lose my passport/visa when the cops stop me on the street to ‘randomly check my documents’.  I will then be put in prison where I will be killed or detained indefinately.