So.  I am all moved out of Madison (tear*) and trying to wrap things up here out in the boondocks of Wisconsin.  My mom doesn’t have the internet (I KNOW!) so I am hopping from place to place to get my fix.

When I checked my email today, I had a message from a guy named ‘Vadim’, informing me of my accomodation while in St. Pete.  Awesome – I thought, I was totally going to try and find the guy to talk to about that.  Turns out, I will be in a homestay at least until December 23 or 24th, when I can move to a shared flat if I want.  But, he wants to know NOW if will want to move to a shared flat THEN.  I am guessing that, yes, I would like to move to a shared flat – I don’t know!

The homestay includes the ‘land-lady’, her cat and another teacher.  Vadim said I could ‘work on my Russian’.  HA.  How many times can I say goodbye, yes, no, and thank you before I’ve about got it down?  I am excited about the cat though.  A Russian Kitty!

Anyway, that’s the update of the hour.