Well, I am here.  And by ‘here’ I mean ‘not in Madison’.  Being here feels so much better than being home.  It’s terrible to say, but there is a ton less pressure on me now, and, while I love Seattle, it isn’t a constant reminder that ‘YOU ARE LEAVING THIS PLACE YOU LOVE, THESE PEOPLE YOU LOVE, ETC’.  It seems I have scaled the largest emotional obstacle in this adventure.

This morning, I lost ‘the rock’ (the gift from Trinity – like a worry stone).  I had left it in my jeans pocket from the day before so when I picked those jeans up this morning, the rock fell out and bounced somewhere out of sight.  Calm, caluclated chaos ensued.  Don’t worry though, I found it at the bottom of the second suitcase I emptied onto the floor.  Not before my room looked like this:

Maddy remembers me!  Yay!  We’ve been going on walks everyday and seeing some sights.  The mountains and the city and the water are just beautiful.  I wonder if they need English teachers…. hmmm.