So.  I made it to St. Petersburg.  For only having been here for a day and a half, so much has happened that I am lost as to where to start.  Mostly I have been exhausted, confused and afraid, in that order.  Oh, and hungry.

It’s so weird how food can be the thing that really gets me down.  It just sucks being hungry all the time and knowing that to GET food, I will have to either order food at a restaurant (impossible, truly.  Trust me.) or go to the grocery store and get flustered because I don’t know what anything is, and the check out is intimidating.  Then if I actually acquire food, somehow, it isn’t what I was looking for, exactly, so it isn’t as satisfying.

Ok, maybe I should try to stick to the positives here.

Um, I am learning the Cyrillic alphabet pretty quickly.  Nothing is written in English, so when you hear someone say a word and can see it written, its easy to pick out the sound/letter correlation.

I made it home by myself from Petergof last night.  It might have taken twice as long as it should have, but that’s not my point.  I rode a bus from a nearby town to the subway station, took the right train, made the right connection to the second train, and walked home.  BY myself.  It wasn’t without some misunderstandings and a moment of sheer terror when I thought I got off the bus too early, but I made it home alive.

I also survived my first 4 hours of teaching last night.  They were absolutely TERRIBLE lessons because I was only given 45 min to prepare for them, I hadn’t eaten and I was jet lagged, but I didn’t run out of the room (which I considered more than once).

One day at a time, right?