Starting to really settle in now.  Things are going well.  Of course, I still have way too much time to think about things here.  Strangely, this hasn’t been a bad thing.  I’ve gone sightseeing some, I have taught ten classes already – each of them being at least an hour and a half long, but most of them have been over 2 hours long.  So far all of my classes are in Petergof, which has its upsides and downsides.  The upside being that I LOVE the people I have met in Petergof.  Oksana – the director there- is an absolute godsend.  The facilities are pretty nice too, except the bathrooms.  I asked my students if the bathrooms in the building were typical Russian bathrooms, and they said yeah… man do they stink.  They rarely have toilet paper or soap, the students said that people steal the soap.  Anyway, there’s ‘typical’ for you.  The downside to teaching in Petergof is the fact that it’s in Petergof, which is at least an hour’s commute both ways.  So I travel for two hours or more to teach for about 4 each time.  I can’t really complain about that though, since I am salaried for once in my life.  Classes get done around 10pm though, so that means I don’t usually get home until after 11pm.  Fiona is usually with me though, and she’s a dear.  I think we get along well together.  Or, as I would have to teach my students the British way of saying it – we get on well.  Weird.

Today, it snowed for hours!  And it stuck, so finally (after a whole 10 days or so, lol) all is right with my Russian world.   I also rearrainged my room today.  If you know me or have lived with me, especially, you know this is a good sign.  I move my furnature around almost constantly.  It makes me feel like it’s finally my room.  Hopefully I can get some not ugly sheets and a curtain this weekend from IKEA, if we go.

I’ve started dreaming about food, both while sleeping and while awake.  Yesterday I wanted chipped beef like nothing else.  While sleeping I dreamed of chocolate chip cheesecake and American grocery stores.

Tomorrow I start Russian lessons!  Woo!  I am so ready to slip back into the role of student.  Give me homework!  Make me learn!  Should probably go to bed if I want to get up on time tomorrow.  Love you all lots, keep in touch.