As the title implies, we have finally gotten our fair share of snow here and, as I type this in front of a window at school, I can see that we are STILL getting more snow.  I could guess that we got about 3 or 4 inches over the weekend, all of which stuck or was ground into a disgusting slush by pedestrians.  It’s pretty though – that which isn’t brown soupy slush.

This weekend was full, but not all that exciting to write about. 

Friday night I got pizza with Fiona from a little cafe on the way home from work and then we went down to this bar called ‘the other side’ with Steph and Denise.  It was a good time, just relaxing. 

On Saturday I went with Denise and Steph to the big market to get food as we were all running quite low and had just been paid.  YAY payday – even if it was only for 1 weeks worth of work.  So I got some chicken breasts, some veggies, a few things at the big western supermarket (including honey nut cherrios, thank you!), but my real find was… wait for it… a TURKEY!  That’s right, the elusive turkey.  I was told that he was all but a myth round these parts, that I might as well not try to find one.  But there was ONE at the place where I bought the chicken breasts, and… well, we’re pretty sure its a turkey.  If it isn’t, it is one hellofa big chicken.  But it’s a turkey for now, and that means…. Thanksgiving!  Our apartment is going to have Thanksgiving, hopefully complete with turkey, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and decorations.  I knew there was a reason that we had to make the same craft projects in elementary school.  Those genius teachers knew one day we would need to know how to make these things without instructions.  Maybe we can even remember how to make those pilgrim hats.  Unfortunately thanksgiving might have to be on Saturday because, even though I don’t work ALL day on Thursdays, I have manditory office hours from 7-9:20pm, and everyone else has to work then.

Sunday Denise and I went back to the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood.  When we stepped outside….man what a surprise!  It was nearly a blizzard!  But, she being a ‘tough as nails Aussie’ and me being ‘from Wisconsin’, we wouldn’t let a little snow and wind stop us!  We toured the church and I took lots of pictures which are up now.  I thought my roommates and I were going to go to IKEA then, but it turned out that they would rather play in the snow near the hermatige, so I went along.  AND THEN…. THEN we ate at Carl’s Jr.  Sounds like a cop out, but… I hadn’t ever been to Carl’s Jr anywhere in the world.  So it’s still like a cultural experience, just… an American one.  In Russia.