Happy Thanksgiving AMERICA!

Curious about what I did on this Thanksgiving?  Or, more importantly, what I ATE?  I’ll show you.


Exhibit A:  Ketchup flavored Cheetos, shaped like french fries.  They barely had taste, but it was more BBQ, less ketchup.  But still, non cheesy cheetos?  Also, how did I miss this little ketchup bottle?cimg0021

Exhibit B: PIZZA!  At least we ate until we were full, just like at Thanksgiving.


Pizza is really good with zucchini on it.

Pizza is really good with zucchini on it.

Don’t worry, we are having ‘real’ thanksgiving on Sunday.  More pictures to follow.russian-thanksgiving-024

Now, about spending my money… So, beyond reading and listening to music, there’s really no entertainment round these parts.  Especially at my flat because of our internet situation, or lack there of.  So, I am looking to download either episodes or whole seasons of tv shows from itunes.  ‘Why don’t you go to abc.com or nbc.com and watch their shows for free from there?’ you ask.  Or ‘why don’t you use the many ‘tvshowsonline’ websites that let you watch old shows for free?’  Because the US hates Russia, I guess.  I can’t even get INTO their online viewing stuff.  Pandora doesn’t work here either.  Becuase it isn’t the US. Blech.  Anyway, I set up a poll for ya’ll to give me recommendations.  You should see it below – choose one or recommend another, I am open to suggestions!