Well, Thanksgiving went off without a hitch!  The turkey (as we decided it was) was pretty good, if small.  Potatoes and gravy, definitely worth seconds, but man, the stuffing was where it was at!  That was scarfed up quite quickly.  From now on, I’m making my own stuffing, thankyouverymuch!  Cranberry sauce was a hit, but… I didn’t like it so much – I couldn’t get over the texture, the grittiness of it.  Anyway, we had about 7 people show up and take part, including a Brit, an Australian and a South African.  After we all stuffed ourselves (as could only be expected, that’s practically what Thanksgiving is, anyway) we all sat around listening to each other’s stories and jokes.  I really feel lucky to have been put in a position to experience these people.  I can learn so much from them, if I give it a chance.  Besides, they are hilarious and genuinely good people – awesome company.

Another success!  Today, on the way home from work, I stopped in to a small grocery store just next door to our apartment complex.  This is called a ‘produkti’.  Here, you have to find what you want and tell the cashier sitting in a little booth what it is you mean to buy.  Then, she charges you for it, and you have to take the receipt to another cashier type lady and she gets the product for you from behind the counter, or presses a button to unlock a cooler for you to retrieve your drink or whatever.  Well… I have been slightly terrified of these places and refused to try to speak to the cashier lady.  UNTIL TODAY.  Today I surveyed my options, and made a selection (in my mind).  I stood in line and confidently told the cashier that I wanted, ‘peeva. bochka’.  And, SHE UNDERSTOOD ME.  Charged me the right amount and everything.  I BEAMED as I walked out of that store today, holding my $1 bottle of beer like a trophy, which it was.