So, Christmas here is probably going to suck.  It seems as though everyone is going away or has someone coming here or is in some sort of lovey dovey relationship (blech!) so the three weeks we get off (WOO) for Christmas might be really boring. 

Today was pretty pointless.  I walked and walked all over the city (it seemed, I know I can’t cover the whole of St. Petersburg in a matter of hours) and didn’t get much done.  Found the US Embassy – and found out they employ Russians as security guards…whatever.  Learned that it is REALLY hard to send money home from here, and had confirmation that it is really just a few people in this country who speak English, at all.  Overall, it was pretty frustrating, but at least I learned something and got some exercise.

The internet hasn’t worked in my apartment since last week sometime, so I have to do all of my ‘keeping in touch’ at school.  We only have one computer, so it is supposed to be for resourcing for teaching.  Hopefully our internet starts working again soon, but I can’t complain too much since one of the other teacher’s flats didn’t have WATER for the whole weekend.  But still.  Internet, water… basically on the same level of need for my life.

I want to go here: probably in February to be able to save enough to go, but, I would love to go during our break, since it will take like 16 hours to get there, so half of a 2 day weekend would be spent travelling.

Is ANYONE going to come visit me?  I want to show someone around and have them meet my friends and see the sights that have been my life for the last month!  It’s less than $1000 in May! Just checked… Think about it!

To home I go…. to the world without internet. shoot me.