Who knows 21 Russian verbs?  (points to self) This girl.  That’s right, I can tell you all about how I talk, walk, relax, study, read, understand, know AND listen.

Watch it, or I’ll start talkin about you AND yo mama (reading the newspaper or something else utterly tantalizing)!

Yesterday I got to try out my ‘mean teacher’ persona and lay the smack down on some little kids.  They were literally RUNNING around the desks, chasing eachother and screaming.  So, I physically stopped one of them (just grabbed them so they couldn’t continue running) and set them down in a chair.  Since they barely understand anything in English and I only know 21 Russian verbs, I said, rather forcefully – “NO.  You don’t talk anymore.  I talk, you don’t talk.  You sit and listen when I talk.”  I was right down on their level and speaking very clearly not too far from them.  Then, I turned around and Oxana was watching!  I was slightly embarrassed and half proud, because it totally worked.  We got the work done that we needed to do, and they weren’t so crazy.  Woo!

Also – One month in Russia!