Phew! I thought that 3 week break would never end! Part of me was cheering for that outcome – a never ending break doesn’t sound so bad, right? Alas, it had to end, and now I am grateful for the return to routine and purpose. Not that it was easy to get back into, it wasn’t. Trying to go back to working was pretty depressing, for some reason. My first day back was adorned with news of a new class and complaints from students about my lessons not being interesting enough. What a great way to boost my self esteem and ease my worries about my capability as a teacher. Sigh. This start sent me into somewhat of a tailspin emotionally, but, I am glad to say, that is over now.

I am teaching 8 times a week now Monday through Friday, 5 different classes, and I think I have made adequate alterations to my style for the few that had complained. Then, payday came and I got 4 Christmas cards (thanks Mom, Dad, Toni and Aunt Dede!). The slip for the package from Dad came too, but I haven’t picked it up yet. It isn’t the simplest process.

During my new class today a (really really cute) student told me that it was a ‘very nice lesson’ as he walked out of the room, and another student responded in agreement. So.. that means my students like me! And, I am not a terrible teacher! WOOO!

Next day – since we have no internet: Turns out, the package is not from Dad, but from an unexpected sender. Tina and Julie from Trinity sent me a care package filled with wonderful gifts – candy and tea, lotion, homemade stationary with my initials and beautiful alpaca yarn in blue and green. After I braved the post office and returned to school, I opened it in the classroom where a number of other teachers were preparing for class. Getting a package is fun for receiver and spectator alike. Even seeing things from home feels like a gift, and everyone loves the mystery of a surprise. Speculation began before I cut the tape. “Maybe it’s a Bible!” (I had told them who sent the package) “Yeah, a RUSSIAN Bible!”. “Open it, open it!” Then, as I pulled each item out of the box, cries went out, identifying each individually. “Tea?! Niiiice. Oh, my gosh, what is that?! Oh, it’s yarn!? That blue is beautiful! What’s in that package?! Did you read the card?” And so on. It’s a good day when a package arrives. It certainly helped keep my mood’s momentum on the upswing.

That’s all for now – might be some other news a-brewin, but it’s too early to say. Tomorrow’s Friday. A weekend will be nice.