I have posted some pictures of my apartment on here before, but they are just not up to the task of drawing a complete picture of where I am living.  And, whether you know it or not, you ARE interested in seeing the quarks of my living environment.  It’s pretty…special.  Let’s begin:

Here  we have our lovely hallway as if you just walked in.  A wonderful shade of pale blue mixed with random white splotches which are probably the result of a previous tenant’s violent struggle for their life.  Moving on.stpeteapt2-006

Up ahead you see what we call ‘The clothes dryer’.  A wire wrack.  But, it works, just slowly.


Turning right, you enter my bedroom.  This is the new arrangement after I decided that I didn’t want my bed to take up a full 50% of my floor space.  Voila!  Tiny bed on the floor.  stpeteapt2-031

Turning around in front of the window, you see the current location of my previous bed.  Behind my bureau, where I can use the legs as hooks!  And – there are all the cards you wonderful people  have sent me, illegally on my bureau, right where I am SURE to get in trouble for having ‘things on my walls or any surface to make the place look like home’.   Too bad.  stpeteapt2-030

Taking a peek INSIDE my bureau…. Exciting, no?stpeteapt2-001

Oh, you need a bathroom break?  Ok, I’ll show you where it is.  There’s the lightswitch (yes, on the OUTSIDE of the room, right where I can turn the light off on you whilst you are relieving yourself)lightswitchsm

And here’s the bathroom:broomsm1

A Dolphin Fairy awaits your arrival.  How very…nice and creepy.stpeteapt2-017

Speaking of creepy:  Doesn’t the mirror look like a coffin?  Or is that just me?mirror

What is that giant white box next to you, seemingly disconnected from anything, because it is?  Who knows.  Nobody here does anyway.  Wash your hands and come into the kitchen with me.broomthing

TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>