Ok, then, lets get back to it!  Coming out of the bathroom, turn left into the kitchen.  Turn left again into the ‘real’ bathroom.  I say ‘real’ because it actually has a BATH in it.   Behold!  The washing machine!!  Really can’t understand anything on it, but that’s a minor detail.stpeteapt2-021

This is the bath and sink area.  Random disgusting shelf thing in the shower that NEVER dries and accumulates more mold everyday.  Pretty sure we could also have a pet living in the random space under the tub.  Scary!stpeteapt2-026

As you step down the two stairs from the bathroom, you will see in front of you our ‘food cupboard’.  I know, I know!  Fun game – guess which shelf is Jen’s!  I will tell you in my next post. 🙂stpeteapt2-008

Here is our random and possibly deadly hot water heater.  It hangs directly above the kitchen sink, and when you turn the hot water knob on high, this guy will kick on,  shooting flames out of the hole in the front and making a big ‘woosh’ noise (if you turn the water on low, the same result will occur, it just takes longer to work and the woosh is usually scarier).  The pressure change created by this will rattle the doors in the whole apartment.  Eventually you get used to ducking away to do dishes.dsc_0186

Would you like a cup of tea?  Or how about a whole box of sugar cubes?  Everyone needs a little Christmas Mystery in their lives, and in their tummy, don’t you agree?  Well, let’s sit and enjoy our drinks.  Tell me how you’ve been!stpeteapt2-012

Oh – but avoid this chair.  It leans even when nobody is using it and wobbles in a terrible way.  stpeteapt2-011