So… I really don’t remember learning about this in history, but I know about it now, let me tell you. The Lenningrad Siege was absolutely TERRIBLE, and knowing that these people are strong enough to live through that is awe inspiring.

I am linking to a blog called English Russia – there Russians write articles about Russia – so don’t mind the grammatical mistakes (I’m doing my best to remedy the situation, geez). Today’s article was about the Siege, and it’s worth a look.

The first picture you see is of Dom Kineegy (phonetically, I guess), with the cool globe top. It’s literally a block from where I walk everyday, and I walk directly by it at least 3 times a week – and I have been in there about 5 times. Between Dom Kineegy and the building that looks like it has been exploded is the Moika canal – if you were to walk up there and look left down the river is where you see the Church of Our Savior on the Spilled blood. The corner, then, just before the giant, gaping hole left by the Germans is the metro station that I use 3 or more times a week. Cool, eh?

Dom Kineegy shows up again in a couple pictures. And you might recognize St. Issac’s in a couple too. Awesome that I know where these places are. I really would like to do some more research into the siege, someday, when I have time again….