So on Monday, I was knitting between my two classes in Petergof… just kind of biding my time since I was ready to go.  Just trying to relax.  Then I walk to the other classroom and start talking with Fiona, joking about stuff, whatever.  My back is to the door and she says….”Oh my gosh, Zahra just walked in.”  Yeah, that’s right, my boss.  She came and surprise observed my intermediate level class.  Ugh.  It didn’t go well, at all.  I am just not good at being ‘on stage’.  Plus, we had been taking the lessons pretty easily since we were ahead in the book, but this day I decided to dig into the grammar a bit more and we did ‘passive’… and that’s all she saw was me teaching grammar.  Ugh.

Today I had my tutorial (a general check in – how are you doing in this class? are you on pace?  giving enough homework, etc) PLUS the observation feedback.  I am sure you can guess how much of a blast that was.  Basically, one of my classes really really dislikes how I teach – and it isn’t the class that Zahra observed.  It is the class that I thought LOVED me – the one that gave me the gifts for Christmas.  They gave me such bad reviews that Zahra is giving the class to another teacher.

This is not ok with me, that a class really really dislikes me and the way that I teach.  But all of my other classes like me (from both what I can tell AND their written feedback), so what am I to do?  Anyway, it wasn’t a great start to my day, this ‘meeting’.

After teaching today, Fiona and I stopped at a sushi place that is called ‘Two Sticks’ in Russian and their symbol looks both like a pair of chopsticks and birds.  They have this amazing bird video playing on like 8 huge flat screens inside and wonderful food.  It was a great time and just what both of us needed after a blah (or worse) Wednesday.