What should I do for my 10 days off in May? My first plan was Italy. Next plan: Seoul to visit my former teaching partner, tickets were only $600 round trip.  Now tickets to Seoul are around $1200. So I made plans to go to Sweeden with my mom-friend Denise.  Her daughter lives up there and she has two little granddaughters up there too.  I thought – Yeah!  Another country!  Also, almost my homeland (which is more like Norway, but why split hairs).  Anywho, that deal fell through too, so now we are thinking the Golden Ring.  And THEN I had a really bad day here and started looking for tickets home, and I realized that during that week, tickets are only $600 roundtrip.  Ugh, another choice.  BUT NOW!  My good friend Jane says that she is wracking her brain to come up with a way to get her butt here to see me!  EEEK!  I gave up hope of that happening a while ago… but man has it been rekindled!  If she comes, I know exactly what I will be doing – having a great time on the Ring or here in Petersburg, it doesn’t even matter.  But, if she doesn’t come, should I come home or stay here, or go on the Ring with Denise or cough up the money for S. Korea?

For now I am sticking to the positive:  Jane is about the sweetest person I know, and this whole time she has been more excited that I was going to Russia than I was, basically.  She came with me to the doctor’s to get my shots, and bought me nutrients afterward.  She’s also my health food buddy, and my ride to Lake Mills buddy, and and… did I mention she might come visit me?!?!  So hopeful…going-away-1-018