Mid March, no less.  When did this happen?  It’s just crazy.  It doesn’t really feel like March, as it is basically the exact same temperature here as it was in December, plus the weeks just seem to fly by.  Having a set schedule really helps, as does having multiple set events to look forward to each week.

This weekend was pretty great, really.  I hung out with Denise on Saturday, visiting the Dostoyevsky Museum and getting some shopping done.  The area of the city that the museum is in is just fantastic!  I am not sure why, but Denise and I both got this feeling that it was more cultural and maybe residential, less touristy.  Near a very large church were a line of babushkas (old women/grandmas) who were selling goods.  Now that I actually understand them, I feel a little worse about ignoring them as they call out to me.  Deyavushka!  (like, miss or young lady)  We ended up buying (what Denise calls) a pumpkin from them for 180 Rubles.  Later I learned how to make pumpkin soup!  I spent a lot of time scouring bookstores looking for a Russian picture dictionary.  Now.. I pretty much know how to ask if a store has such a thing, but it seemed like none of them did.  Then, FINALLY, I found what I was looking for at Dom Kneegy.  This dictionary is amazing… basically everything I could want (except for something other than nouns, but… let me tell you, I have nouns COVERED with this guy).  We also found this great little French bakery near school… bad news… bad news for my body, good for my mouth.  Anyway, we came home and made pumpkin soup, watched a movie (Doubt – I don’t reccommend it highly).  Today I went to the bakery again to study and plan for this week and then I went to Lenta again with my roommates.  Later we made roast chicken and I made stuffing.  It was delish!!

This week we have another roommate, her name is Becca.  She was living in a really crappy homestay (her housemom was CRAZY!) and they haven’t been able to find her another place to stay, so she is sleeping in our living room.  This means that I am writing, once again, from the hallway.  It’s not terrible, but there is no outlet in the hallway, so I am racing my battery to finish.  Just in case this seems rushed.

Next weekend I am going up to a town very near the Finnish border – hopefully I will have some pictures to post for you!  Until then, here is the (belated) month 4 picture!