Spring is here!  It’s sunny and almost 60 degrees outside!  Why am I in here writing to you?!  I am waiting for my student to get done with class (she is taught by someone else on Saturdays) and we are going for a walk, so, don’t worry about me missing out on this weather.  Of course, even though the weather has been quite nice for a whole week, we STILL don’t have any leaves on trees or grass or flowers.  I am convinced that nothing grows in St. Petersburg – since I have been here, there haven’t been any signs of life.  IF the trees ever leaf (is leaf a verb too?  Leaves definitely don’t bloom or blossom… hmmm), I might faint or cry.  I will believe it when I see it.

On the topic of disbelief: I got home late last night and found a random pair of pants on my bed, all folded up, but clearly not mine.  (When you live and work with expats, you quickly memorize their entire wardrobe, considering it fit into 2 suitcases or less)  Now, most of us have been losing weight here, because of the strange times we teach, sometimes we don’t eat for a good 10 or more hours, and the walking the mile and half commute, plus the food is probably healthier and still a little strange.  Because of this, there has been somewhat of a hand-me-down chain, with me at the end.  So you can imagine why it didn’t surprise me too much to find these pants, I figured someone grew out of them and it was my turn to have a go.  I look at the tag… not one, but two sizes smaller than what I wore when I came over here.  No way, I thought, and put them in front of my wardrobe and went to bed.  This morning, I thought, why not.  Give it a go.  And, and…. THEY FIT.  Ladies and gentlemen, I have lost two pant sizes!

Tomorrow I am going on a tour to Novgorad.  I don’t know much about it, so you will have to educate yourselves (or wait for me to get back, when I might blog about it if I am not too lazy.  Unlikely, ha!)