That’s right, I am going on holiday, not on vacation.  I will be lucky if I don’t return to the US with British accent.

On Friday, I am going to MOSCOW, the capital of this giant monstrosity of a country.  I wasn’t really excited for the trip for some reason until now.  Maybe because its a little scary, riding on a really old, crappy train for 9 hours overnight, negotiating our way to our hostel, being in a GIANT city, (don’t worry, trivia is yet to come) and so forth.  But now it is seming real, and quite awesome.

When people think of Russia, they picture this scene: 3401587-march_2007_red_square_moscow-moscow

And I am so going to be there on Saturday!  I will visit museums, cathederals, historical sights, parks, and markets in a city that’s over 850 years old.  Guys, that’s old.  I will also get to test my navigational skills on this beast.  I was all excited to break a personal record: biggest or oldest metro ridden, but it turns out that NYC totally blows Moscow out of the water.  So, shucks.  Either way, that map is intimidating and a little overwhelming.  BRING IT.

Trivia Time!

Moscow – Capital of The Russian Federation

Population: 11 million

Age: 862 years old (that’s a lot of candles) founded in 1147

Metro: 74 years old (opened in 1935), 292 km long

Other interesting facts that I just don’t know yet!