So, after that…interesting train ride, we wasted little time in starting our sightseeing.  After some searching, we found our hostel – Hostel Home from Home! It was a character filled little place, as most hostels are – from what I hear.  This was my first time staying in a hostel, and it wouldn’t turn out to be so bad!

Moscow 048

We paid for our hostel and deposited our bags and grabbed some much needed caffeine at the local Mc Donald’s.  The area our hostel was in was just beautiful.  Old Arbat street had a ‘classic’ feel about it, to me, with it’s bricked street and old time street lights.

Moscow 042

First stop was a huge market on the south side of town where I was immediately entranced by a ring, which, after haggling for a few minutes, I saved $10 on (I KNOW!  I hate to haggle.  But it must be done…)  I bought a few gifts, got yelled at once by an old lady and thoroughly exhausted myself before lunch.  Oh, I also experienced a new kind of toilet!

Moscow 064

After lunch we headed into this HUGE park to have a rest.  We ended up walking probably a mile or more before we found our intended destination, but after that we spent over an hour resting by a little pond, reading or dozing.  That was about as much as we could take that first day so we headed back to our hostel, finding a TGIFriday’s on the way and stopping for groceries before finally crashing for the evening.

Moscow 055

Moscow 052