On day two I didn’t feel like I was going to die from sheer exhaustion, so it was automatically better than day one.  We got up and headed toward the center, to check out a palace and walk around a church laden street to make our way toward the big show – The Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square.Moscow 114

We went into a small palace once belonging to the Romanovs, gawked at some beautiful churches and found IT – Red Square.  Denise and I went into St. Basils and explored, even getting a free mens sextet acapella performance inside, which was pretty cool.  We then ate nearby and then met back up with Elizabeth, when we decided to walk around for a bit, over the river and then go back to our hotel.  We took in the beautiful sights from the bridges, walked along a canal and through a beautiful park between the river and the canal where we took a break.

Moscow 138

That evening, Elizabeth and I sought out the one and only H&M in Russia (that we know of, in any case) and I may have spent some money… but I need clothes!  It’s not professional to teach with your pants around your ankles, this much I know.  Finally, on the the second day, we crashed, again.