So, as I am sure you have gathered here, we teachers have very little control over our lives.  This generally includes where we live, but once in a while we get to make choices.  When I first applied, I said that I would prefer to live in an apartment.  A couple of days later I was told nope, homestay or nothing.  The next day, it was back to apartment.  Why they even asked in the first place is a mystery to me.

Now, the living situation for summer and the end of my contract is COMPLETELY up in the air and determined by many many factors, most of which have nothing to do with me.  Here’s the rundown, as best as I can explain it.  First, let’s pretend it’s yesterday.

We have 13 teachers at Language link.

4 live in the apartment on Kazanskaya – Brian, Joel, Lucy, Ashley

3 live in Bolshaya Konushnaya I (just made that up!) – Denise, Fiona, Stephanie

4 live here in BK II – Jen, Cassie, Aaron, Elizabeth

2 live by themselves or in a homestay – Becca and Andrew

Now – everybody is leaving at different times and of course Language Link wants to maximize their $ (or Ruble, as it were).  Denise just left, so there is a room in BK.  By July 1st it will look like this:

Kaz – Full still.  Joel *might/probably will* leave on July 7th – leaving one extra room

BK I – one empty room.  Fiona leaves July 7th as well.  Two empty rooms.

BKII – just Jen.  Three empty rooms.

Becca still in homestay (probably, but she is miserable, she leaves July 20th or so)

Now… After July 7th is when things start to get messy.

  • If Joel stays and Brian isn’t forced into a homestay (who knows why, but that’s the rumor right now), Jen and Steph can live together in BKI. (perfect preferred option)
  • If Joel actually goes home and Steph elects the homestay, then Jen moves to Kaz.  (second prefered option)
  • If Joel leaves and Steph moves to Kaz, then Kaz is full and BK I is empty.  Jen *might* be forced into a homestay.

There are some other little factors that one can never completely rule out here.  For example:  Aformentioned, miserable Becca might want to move into BK I, which would mean that it would be full until July 7th, when Fiona moves out.  This means that I would be in BK II for two weeks by myself.  I am not sure that this is possible – they might force me out into a homestay for that long.  I wouldn’t put it past them.

Now.  I really like where I am living.  I love the people, the apartment is nice and roomy, we have a bathtub, living room and an oven – which is more than any other place can claim to have.  If I leave here, at least a couple of people will be upset and feel hurt and I will miss living with these fun people.  Also, if I move, I might only be over there until late June – is moving worth a month?  *BUT*  I really don’t want to take the chance of being forced into some scary Russian woman’s house.  From Becca’s experience it will be terrible.  And I really love the people across the courtyard.

See how complicated this is?!  What should I do?

P.S.  I forgot to mention that I have no idea what Language Link normally does with these apartments in the summer.  For all I know, they could keep BK II and rent BK I, they could rent them both out and force both Steph and me into homestays.  I don’t like to think about this last option.