End of Petergof 011On Friday the teachers and administrators in Petergof had a farewell party.  It was strange – not nearly as pleasant as the Christmas/New Year’s party or the Women’s Day party.  People were in bad moods, I was recovering from a headache and I just didn’t want to think about never going back out to Petergof again.

While the 90 minute commute each way wasn’t the highlight of my day, I did start to see it as my zone out time or my midday nap time three times a week.  Plus, it was nice to work both at the central school and out in the suburbs – I was able to see almost all the teachers and administrators, and had access to all of the resource books.  I’ll be happy to not be a postman anymore though, and never have to cart out reams of paper or extra books again.

The really sad part of this is that I probably won’t ever see blond Oksana again.  She’s a real sweetheart and it’s been great practicing my Russian with her, while she practices her English.  Her English skills have gotten so much better since I first came out there (not because of me or anything, she takes lessons from someone else), but it’s really cool to see such improvement without being involved in the process.  Dark haired Oksana promised that she would see me before the summer is over, probably to take me to Pushkin where her family has a little souvenir shop.  Of course, that didn’t prevent me from turning into a blubbering mess when we left.

I was so ready to just be sad on the bus back to the city.  I wanted to be sad.  But then our Advanced students came back to the school.  Apparently when class was over they got some beer together and walked to the park across the street, got slightly drunk and then decided to see if we were still at school. At the bus stop, drunk Fiona talked them into coming back to the city with us and celebrating the end of classes.  At this point I was a little bit frustrated and angry becuase, damnit, sometimes I just want to be sad and cry.  Instead of pouting about it and being stubborn, I tried to get into the mood by drinking wine on the Marshutka and then on the Metro.  Of course, that worked.  So, we all came back to the city and then we walked with our beverages around until… um.. *cough* 4:30.  About an hour after the sun started to come BACK up.