My life is filled with it right now, it seems.  I’ve moved twice in as many months, I’ve had 4 friends move away, dad visiting and general work chaos (like heavy duty demolition on our building WHILE we are teaching inside, under the constant threat of death by building colapse) add on the ‘loss’ of my computer – the source of every ounce of entertainment here in this Russian wasteland – and the fact that I got three hours of sleep last night after seeing mylosest friend off at 6am and you get one weepy, tired, stressed out Jen.

Anyway, no update on the computer, still black screen no matter which option I try ‘repair’ or no ‘repair’ on windows.  I might buy a card reader for my camera memory card and go to internet cafes to keep you updated.  Hopefully I haven’t lost all of my pictures that were stored on my laptop’s hard drive.  We’ll see.  At this point my biggest worry is in two weeks when I will be moving to a single apartment, with no computer, no interent, only Russian TV and no one to talk to.  The plan so far: Up the Russian lessons and study for the GRE.  So… 1996, only, without tv.  And living alone.  Ok, how about so…. 1980 mountain hotel closed down for the winter with only a typewriter.  Yeah, let’s hope that doesn’t happen.