Phew.  What a weekend.  I have to keep telling myself I should feel lucky that I didn’t spend the majority of it sitting in my room, staring at the wall, litterally twittling my thumbs.

Friday was pretty difficult.  I ended up having a ‘row’ with our DOS about her treating us like 7 year olds and ‘punishing’ us for ‘not keeping our room clean’.  Basically she took a handful of our resource books up to her office so that we couldn’t use them because we ‘left them laying around’.  So, now, we can’t effectively give homework or supplement our classes.  I confronted her about it, and, when I got an extremely condescending explanation accompanied by a smile, I had to take it to the director.  If you want to make me mad, be condescending.  I don’t deserve it, and I won’t take it.  Sorry.

Saturday I went with some other teachers to a beach north of the city.  The weather and atomosphere in general were absolutely awesome up there.  We just sat by the water, swam, cooked shish kababs (we call them shashleek) and relaxed.  The downside was spending 2 hours standing on a crowded, 90 degree bus there and two more similar hours coming back.  Not only am I sunburnt, my muscles are actually sore from hanging on to the poles on the bus.  I won’t go into detail about the bus, just know that that was the worst transportation experience I have ever had.  I hope to wipe it from my memory.

When I got off the metro at midnight I was right by a big 24 hour supermarket, so I decided to pop in and pick up some necessities – milk, primarily, so that I could have coffee (I am addicted now, I think), but some other things too, cereal, bananas, etc.  There’s nothing like waking up and knowing you have something good and refreshing to eat.  Anyway, I got my stuff, went though the checkout and the freaking cashier wouldn’t let me buy my milk.  I can’t imagine why.  So, because that’s all I really came in for, I put my food in a locker and went back through the store, just to buy milk. When I got to the checkout again, they said something about shutting down all the registers for 10 minutes.  .  .  Ugh.  So there I stood.  Silent.  Staring.  Sunburnt.  Slightly Sandy.  Eventually I aquired breakfast and made it home.

Today I met my friend Elen for a little morning shopping, it was great.  I think we always have a pretty good time when we are together.  I found some clothes that I would like to buy, but I couldn’t today.  After that, I went directly to a Zenit football (soccar) game with the same people.  For some reason I expected it to be inside(?!).  Alas, I wore the exact same cut of shirt that I wore to the beach and just intensified my sunburn.  Oh well, this Wisconsinite needed some color. 

I wish I could give you some pictures from this weekend and the month 8 picture (EIGHT!), but, I can’t for now. You’ll just have to imagine.