Last week I decided that not having a computer wasn’t all that bad, it actually felt a little liberating.  Two minutes later, someone was offering to fix it.  Did I jump at the suggestion? Of course.  Unfortunately, I became optimistic  *shudder* and thought I would have a working computer in no time.  No such luck.  Apparently windows just completely died, but that is easily fixable.  BUT, I guess my computer is heating up way too much, so the tech said I should get it fixed at a sony service center.  First, I should buy a hard drive or use someone else’s to save all of my stuff, and give my computer BACK to mr. tech man.  It’s starting to sound like too much work.  We’ll see how crazy I am after a week of little to no entertainment.  I know I have a plan, and I know it’s only 25 days until Jane gets her butt here, but…

I found my Madonna ticket!  Palace Square, August 2nd!

I seem to have lost a lot of things between moving three times.  Like, a frying pan and peanut butter.  How does that happen?  I have my own paranoid suspions.

Experienced a Russian movie theater today, to watch ‘Ice Age 3’.  It didn’t matter that I barely speak Russian or that I hadn’t seen the two movies that come before this one, I understood the film and it was good.  It might have had something to do with my current lack of entertainment when I laughed harder than the kids in the theater.

Time surely doesn’t seem to be passing quickly.  I blame everyone who told me it would, and myself for believing them.  Oh well.  Concentrate on the future, so on.  Hopefully I will be online again soon!