So, my last two or so posts weren’t overly optimistic.  Let’s face it, I was struggling to sound even remotely sane, much less bubbly.  In my exhausted, frustrated and emotionally confused state I somehow forgot to tell you about how freaking AWESOME my new apartment is.

Picture this (you’d better, cause you aren’t getting real pictures anytime soon): A spacious bedroom.  Nearly one whole wall is windows (currently covered in aluminum foil to keep out the midnight sun, but still, windows).  There’s a small wooden table in the corner, where I can eat breakfast and study Russian and for the GRE (that’s right, who wants to go back to school?!).  In the opposite corner is my bed, double or full, a perfect size.  I’ve got a dresser (haven’t had one of those for 8 months) and a off-white antique wardrobe with a huge mirror on the front (novelty!).  At the foot of my bed sits a  small fridge that rattles only a little in the night.  Above my bed, near the ceiling are a handful of rectangular windows that overlook the kitchen and bathroom.  They’re high enough that you can’t see anything in the bordering rooms but they add such a cute touch to the room and allow some of the rediculous sunlight to filter into the interior rooms.

The kitchen is about as small as you can imagine.  I can take about one full step forward  and travel the entire length of the room.  There’s an ancient, possibly cast iron stove that needs to be lit using a match after you turn the gas on, a little sink to do dishes (and all the other uses you can think of for a sink, as it’s the only one), the smallest washing machine known to man, a little radio and a microwave in the kitchen.  Crossing the kitchen, you enter the ‘shower room’.  The shower is about a foot off the ground, and probably 2.5ft x 2.5ft.  Read: tiny.  The curtain is the wrap around kind that makes me think of old cartoon showers and full of…. dolphins, I think?  Anyway.  To get to the ‘toilet room’ you have to climb through the shower (yes, really).  The door to the room opens into the shower, so a good sized notch has been cut out of it to allow for more swinging room.  Well, that’s harder to explain than I thought it would be.  But, maybe you can picture it.  I tried.

In any case, I love my cute little apartment.  I think I love it cause it’s mine.  Sigh.  OH!  I have a little tv and VCR too.  It didn’t have the right cords before today, but Jen is SO going to watch her a little Johnny Depp as a pirate tonight!  First English entertainment in a month!  Woo Hoo!