That’s an optimistic title, right?  Good, thought so.  This post is mainly about me trying to fill my weekend with…. nothing.  But this nothing should feel like something!  Yesterday I woke up feeling sick, which is the best way to wake up, really.  Then I went grocery shopping at the usual place 1.5 miles away explored new routes of nutrient gathering and discovered avacados!  Then I met up with Elen and we walked  (how do I make walk sound more exciting?!) to the Peter and Paul Fortress where we sat on some rocks bathed in sunlight while resting on the bank of the Neva.  After this, we were nearly hit by a railcarbus thing, then I tried tounge, which really really made me queasy.  It was sliced really thin, but the edge was a little bit harder and chewier, and…you could discern where there was a black spot ON THE TOUNGE OF A COW.  I can’t think about it any more.

Today I walked back to the fortress to start souvineer shopping!  The fortress has a printing press where they make limited editions of different scenes of the city that are relatively cheap, so I bought three today, and I am really happy about what I got.  What do you people want upon my return?!  Deciding what to get everyone will be most challenging.  I walked home, hot, weak from illness and headachey.  Bought some cherries, bananas, a soda, butter and other random things.  Made lunch, talked to Dad – he is on his way BACK to Iraq again – and took a nap.  When I woke up and saw that it was 7pm, I was thoroughly convinced that I had slept from 2am – 7pm.  Alas, I hadn’t.  But I was pretty out of it.  

Only two more weekends in St. Pete.  Next weekend I hope to go to Pushkin… because I must get out there sometime before I leave, it’s just rediculous not to.   There will be other things to do, I just need to think about it.  If only I could pull myself away from the distractions in my apartment.  The radio is just engrossing.