If you would like to get a hold of me, there are a number of options for you.

First, the quickest and most convenient is my email – jensouthworth@gmail.com

Below was my contact information in Russia.  It hasn’t been current since 2009, but I can’t bear to delete it, this is probably the only place it’s written down.


Secondly, you can call me (please remember that I am NINE hours later than Central time). My phone number is  011.7.981.713.1625.  Pause for a second after the 011  and maybe just dial slowly after that.

I have Skype now!  If you download skype, we might (depending on my internet availability) be able to talk that way!  Computer to computer is free, and my computer to a land line/cell phone is like 4 cents a minute!  My username is jensouthworth

Finally, you can write to me or send me things at this address:

Jennifer Southworth
“Language Link”
7 Kazanskaya Street
St Petersburg


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