So there are some things you just can’t get here and some things I can’t get (because nobody knows what things are or how to get them).  If you get the urge to send your good friend Jen a package, these are some good (and lightweight) ideas that will make me love you that much more. (my address? It’s under ‘contacts’)

  • Pain Relievers, preferably Advil Liquidgels, but anything would do.  Yes, they have drugstores here, but people call pain relievers so many different names in different parts of the world…I couldn’t even find what I wanted in London.  Plus, you have to ASK SOMEONE for it… stupid system.
  • Hand written letters from you lovely folks!
  • Packaged ‘noodle’ dinners – like Pasta Roni or rice dishes like that.
  • Yogi Tea – the ‘fasting’ kind.  I am hungry here a LOT – this cuts hunger.  It’s great.
  • Market Spice tea – you know who you are 🙂
  • Of course, I would love to receive anything.  Mail ROCKS!

2 Responses to “Inexplicably Missing Things”

  1. static monkey Says:

    Do you NEED vanilla extract? Or is that one just an observation?

  2. artichokeshavehearts Says:

    Email me your address and I will totally hook you up! 🙂

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