Today is election day.  Surprise!  If this is news to you, I surely hope that you are lying in a hospital bed, slowly waking up from a long term coma.  Congratulations, you are going to live.  Now – get someone to wheel you to a polling place.

This election is big for everyone, obviously, but it sure is a strange one for me.  I voted probably two weeks ago, so today isn’t marked by the actual act of making my mark, but I get the feeling that today is very important to how the next 9 months (at least) will play out in my life.  It isn’t often that the place you are moving to is a major political topic mentioned in debates and on the news and talked about around the country.

The difference in statements between Obama and McCain on the topic of Russia is a subtle one to most Americans, but I am getting the feeling that semantics matters to the people of Russia.  Saying that you will support Georgia and Ukraine’s admittance into NATO is slightly different than saying that you will support them IF they meet the general requirements for admittance.  Not a huge difference there (just an omission), but I guess it matters to Russia.

This election matters to more than just the US and Russia too.  The whole world is watching us.  They want to see if we can wise up and try to correct the mistakes that have been make in the recent past.  Lately most of the world has thought of us as being very religious, obese, lazy, and uninformed (our laziness makes us stupid).  From what I can find online, the rest of the world heavily supports the election of Barack Obama.

Here is a map of the ‘global electoral college’ results – if the world could vote according to polls taken by The Economist.  Here is their analysis and explanation of the results.

I am genuinely concerned about stepping off of my plane on Saturday and representing the whole nation’s voting practices, especially if I end up representing a choice that is overwhelmingly seen as naive and a threat by the general public locally.  Hopefully, I won’t have to deal with all of that.